Latest Circulars


Incentive Scheme

1- प्रोत्साहन योजना 2013

ACP Scheme

1-ACP circular dated 01.072013

2-ACP circular dated 01.11.2013

Annual Diesel Pump Verification & Diesel Purchase

1-Annual Diesel pump Physical  Verification dated 27.06.2011

2-Diesel Purchase on route dated 13.12.2011


1-Audit Circular dated 14.11.13

Cash Insurance & Security

1-Cash Insurance dated 16.05.2013

2-Cash Security dated 19.04.2012

Directions to Deposit Booking Agent Ticket Amount

1-Directions to deposit booking agent ticket amount dated 31.10.2013

Directions to Prepare Agency Drivers/Conductors KM Bill

1-Directions to prepare agency km bill dated 16.03.2012

2-Directions to prepare agency km bill dated 30.04.2012

3-Directions to prepare Agency KM Statement dated 13.09.2012

Directions regarding Agency/Samvida Without Ticket/Luggage cases

1-Directions regarding Agency/Samvida Without Ticket/Luggage cases Dated latter 10.09.13

Madical Help to Passaengers


Departmantal Rule for Spare Parts Purchase

1-Purchase Rule dated 19.05.2013

Spacial Hire of Buses

1-Special Hire Rule dated 15.07.2013

2-Special Hire Rule dated 16.07.2013

TA Bill

1-TA Bill Rules dated 23.12.2011

Directions for Ticket Amount Refund on Route

1-Ticket Amount Refund on Route dated 13.03.2012