Charter a Bus


UTC Buses On Contractual Basis

  • UTC provides buses on  hire  for marriages and other social ceremonies at the following rates and conditions.
  • Booking of buses done only for 24 hrs. computed from the hour the bus is actually hired.

  • Rates for hiring Ordinary bus for plain route shall be Rs.56.16 per km and for hill route Rs.58.48 per km.

  • Detention charges If the bus is hired for 24 hours but detained beyond that then Rs. 2808/- per hour for plain bus and Rs.1462/-per hour for hill bus detention charges shall be charged extra upto a maximum of 8 hours.

  • Computation of rates shall be on a minimum utilization of 400 kms / day for plain , 200  kms / day for hill and 300 kms / day for mixed routes'

  • Mileage shall be computed on garage to garage basis.

  • Passenger facility surcharge, accident surcharge and toll tax if any shall be charged extra  on the computed amount.

  • Computed charges shall be rounded off in next Rs. 10/-.

  • Charges payable shall be 100%  in advance .

  • If the vehicle is used for Inter State hire, then permit fees levied by the concerned State shall be charged as per actual over and above computed charges.

  • For the above purpose only those buses which are above 3.00 lakh km shall be provided