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Monthly Pass Scheme


Monthly passes are issued to daily passengers by Uttarakhand Transport Corporation at selected routes of the state

Some important routes are:

    Dehradun - Hardwar
    Dehradun - Rishikesh
    Dehradun - Mussourie
    Dehradun - Pounta
    Dehradun - Roorkee
    Dehradun - Kalsi
    Dehradun - Saharanpur
    Rishikesh - Haridwar
    Haridwar - Laksar
    Haridwar - Nazibabad
    Haridwar - Gurukul Narsan
    Haridwar - Harcandpur
    Roorkee - Rishikesh
    Nainital  - Halwani
    Haldwani - Ruderpur
    Haldwani - Ramnagar
    Kashipur - Rudrapur
    Kashipur - Dhampur
    Kashipur - Ramnagar
    Kashipur - Kalagarh
    Ruderpur - Khatima
    Ruderpur - Shaktifarm
    Ruderpur - Nanakmatta
    Ruderpur - Jaspur
    Ruderpur - Rampur
    Bhawali - Bhimtal
    Bhawali - Haldwani
    Bhawali - Nainital
    Tanakpur - Ruderpur
    Tanakpur - Pilibhit
    Tanakpur - Haldwani


1-Monthly passes are issued at the fare charges for 30 trips journey and allowed to   travel 60 trips (one to and fro trip per day) per month

2-For pass issue please apply with a photogrph at nearest Depot station.

3-First time registration fees shall be Rs. 20/-. Revalidation of passes shall have to be got done within one week of expiry of pass or re-registration shall be required.

4-In case of loss / damage / destruction of pass on any grounds whatsoever new pass shall not be issued nor any amount shall be refunded on this account.

5-In case of stoppage of  bus operations on any natural calamity – floods, accident, unrest or strike, etc. no refund shall be made or claim entertained.

6-Pass holders shall have to produce the valid pass on demand by the conductor or checking authorities on route.

7-Pass shall be valid for 30 days from issue date.

For further details please contact nearest Depot station