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Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC) was incorporated on 31-10-2003 under the provisions of the Road Transport Act, 1950 with the following objectives:

For the development of the road transport sector correlated to which would be the overall development of trade & industry.

For coordination of the road transport services with other modes of transport.

For providing or causing the provision of an adequate, economical & efficiently coordinated road transport service to the residents of the state.

UTC is a public sector passenger road transport corporation providing services in the state of Uttarakhand and other adjoining states in North India. With a fleet size of around 1247 buses and operate over 3.87 lakh kilometers catering to the travel needs of over 1.20 lakh people  everyday. It provides  adequate, efficient, well co-ordinated, comfortable and economical services to our passengers, while earning enough for self-sustainance & growth, is our motto.

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